Dublin Fringe Review...

I got a brilliant **** review in TN2 Magazine for my Dublin Fringe show…

“A stylised and elegant performance that fused tradition with modernity.”

You can link to it here or else the full text is below.

“The Lost Lane hosted Lux Alma’s (Alma Kelliher) stunning performance as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2019. The venue’s jazz clubesque vibe, with club tables and seating as well as standing area, along with boldly lit corners in bright colours, anticipated a stylised and elegant performance that fused tradition with modernity. The stage lighting was subtle so as not to overwhelm the performance, with progressive shifts in colour and spotlighting echoing the gradual shifts in performance style and content. Alma’s costume changes too echoed this progression as she swapped feathered gown for golden crown. Moreover the uniquely stylised costume fused highly modern, even futuristic elements with traditional symbolism. Shine and sparkles accompanied traditional images of paganism: the black feathered gown drawing on famous pagan gods from the Irish war Goddess Badb to the ravens of the Norse God Odin.

This fusion of the modern and the ancient was reflected in Lux Alma’s music itself. Her use of multiple layered synths was accompanied by the traditional fiddle and her subject matter traced themes of female empowerment through modern world to ancient world of Irish mythology and folklore, highlighting the cyclicality and relevance of tradition, even ancient values and inspirations in a modern age. Lyrically, her music was refreshing and generally positive: the existentialism she explored lead to an overarching message that while our lives might indeed be meaningless on a cosmic level, we should endeavour to make life have a meaning on a personal level. In a period where the individual is increasingly obviously feeling powerless and insignificant on a global scale—whether it be in relation to the climate crisis or political inaction on numerous socio-economic or diplomatic issues.Alma’s message was hopeful and reassuring on a personal level.

Vocally strong and with a sure command of the stage, the performance itself was engaging. Echoes of musical theatre cords and musical structure snuck into the music and performance which added a nice nod to Alma’s experience in the field. It was an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable performance.”